Who Needs Real Friends?

Real friends are better than fake ones!  Uh well obviously!  But really…in this day and age of social media we can start to get a false sense of knowing people or being known.  I know I’m not the only one who has awkwardly seen a Facebook friend in public and avoided eye contact or went up to someone and hugged them like they’re your BFF because you have 20 mutual friends.

I find this especially hard as a stay at home mom.  I want friends. I really do.  I need friends.  But sometimes it’s so hard.  I mean, if I go out with real friends, I have to put on real pants.  My Facebook friends see me in my profile picture and I always look my best.  Always looking my best is another reason social media friends are easier…the real me is messy…emotional…ugly…needy.  But here are some reasons that real friends are better and essential:

  • Real friends know you.  It’s so easy to hide the real me on Facebook – I can be the perfect mother and wife.  I don’t have to show my weaknesses.  But that gets to be a heavy burden.  Real friends help carry that burden.  Being seen and known for who I truly am is a relief.
  • Real friends are more fun!  Social media can be entertaining for a few minutes a day here and there but there’s nothing like having fun with real people in the flesh!  Laughing so hard you almost pee your pants and making memories are some of the best things in life. Being with real friends is refreshing.
  • Real friends help you grow.  Social media friends are low maintenance…there’s this awesome un-follow button.  We’re still “friends” but I can put you on “mute.”  It’s really pretty disillusioning if you think about it.  I don’t like your politics…mute.  I don’t like seeing pictures of your dog…mute.  I don’t like your whining…mute.  That’s not real life.  Real life friends challenge us to be gracious, loving, and understanding.

I need my real life friends and I’m guessing you do too!  Today take a step to grow closer to a “real” friend.  Schedule a play date or a mom’s night out.  Get out there and be seen and see others.  It’s worth putting on real pants…and once you really get to know them, they won’t care about your pants and neither will you!

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