Three Reasons I Want To Minimalize This Year

Recently, I spent several hours organizing and cleaning out my kids’ rooms.  I was seriously overwhelmed by the stuff.  I keep running across this message of living a minimalist life and it’s definitely caught my attention!  

Have you seen these tiny houses?  I mean like 200 square feet homes for a single person or 600 square feet houses for a family of 6.  I know it sounds crazy, but I’m a little obsessed! Not that I’m giving up my house just yet, but I’m definitely considering how we as a family of 5…almost 6…can minimize our stuff and maximize life.

Here are three things that stuff get in the way of and please excuse the excessive use of the word “stuff”:

Stuff takes up time.

The time I wasted cleaning out toys is gone. If we had less toys, I would have less cleaning – WIN! Closets full of clothes waste time. Finding something to wear.  Not being able to find the thing you’re looking for.  Or, once again, cleaning things out and organizing them repeatedly.  There is no doubt that having lots of stuff takes up time.

Stuff takes up resources.  

There is nothing more frustrating than buying toys, gadgets or products that end up broken, never used or not working.  This is a crazy waste of money.  When I have a rummage sale and I sell a $20 toy for $2, that hurts!  And I am preaching to myself on this one – clothes with tags attached, books that were never read, food that is thrown in the trash and on and on.  Stuff eats away at our resources before we even know what happened.

Stuff can push opportunities out.

I had been holding on to totes and totes of baby clothes for our next baby.  But when a last minute opportunity came up for me to go on a missions trip, I paid for the trip by selling the clothes.  I could have easily held on to the emotional ties and missed the opportunity of a lifetime! We give material objects way too much power in our lives; the clothes were great and they held a lot of memories.  Yet having them in my garage didn’t make those memories any more or less real when I sold the clothes.  Don’t let stuff fool you into thinking it has that kind of power over your life.

Are you with me?  Do you want to minimize your stuff this year?  What’s one way you’ll start minimizing in 2015?  Comment below and let’s hold each other accountable…

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  1. Nohemi says:

    Either you owe your stuff or the stuff owes you.
    I am thankful I don’t have a huge house, just the perfect size for our family.
    One way I minimize is to ask myself: Have I used it within the last year? If not, it’s donated.
    Before spending any money on anything I usually ask the question: Is this something that will last for an eternity?
    We have cut down some evening activities and classes for our children. That’s another way of minimizing so that you can spend your time in what matters most.

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