The 2 Words We Often Need to Hear More Than Any Other

There are lots of things I strive for in life…

  • Raise healthy kids
  • Have a strong marriage
  • Continuously grow in my faith and my relationship with God
  • Create friendships
  • Be a person who makes my community a better place to live
  • Show others love
  • Stand up for what’s right and confront what is wrong

…I’m kind of a hippie do-gooder.  

But the thing I want to share today is about the “me too” life. Brené Brown says the two most powerful words when we’re in a struggle: “me too.”  We’re all in a struggle, have been in a struggle or will be in a struggle.  That’s encouraging…not so much. But if we embrace the “me too” life we don’t have to do it alone.  

This quote is really simple, but…

  • When you’re in a crisis and feel all alone…. “me too” is a beacon of hope.  
  • As a mother, when I want to run away because I feel like a failure…”me too” is a lifeline.  
  • When you’re struggling with infertility, chronic illness or depression…”me too” cracks the door to a very dark room.  
  • When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one…”me too” says things won’t be the same, but there is hope.  
  • When you’re doubting your faith…”me too” says you’re not alone.  
  • When you just want to give up…”me too” says keep going.  

Do you see the power in those tiny two words, those 5 letters, those two syllables?  It’s not really the words it’s the person saying or hearing the words.  

If I’m saying “me too,” it means I’m listening and being honest.  It means someone trusts me enough to share their hurts, hopes, failures, and dreams.

If I’m hearing “me too,” it means I’m sharing and being vulnerable. It means – I’m not carrying this burden alone.  

You have this power to share. Every person has this power.  Will you use this power?

Join me in the “me too” life…

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