Guest Post – MarriedPeople

Earlier this week, I (Tim) had a guest post over on the blog for the MarriedPeople ministry.  If you’re not familiar with MarriedPeople, it is a resource that exists to help equip churches to have a marriage ministry strategy.  It’s part of the Orange curriculum/ministry that comes to us from Northpoint Church in Alpharetta, GA.

Here’s some information about Married People from their website:

“Every church is doing something to help marriages, but what they really need is a strategy. MarriedPeople’s web-based strategy provides the tools that fit your needs.


We want couples to connect in a real way, in the ways God intended for them to connect. We are strategic about creating resources any size church can use that establish the Core 4 Habits in a couple’s relationship.”

I will have more guest posts on this blog in the future and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  MarriedPeople is a ministry that Consuela and I are honored to lead at our church and is a strategy that we believe in.  And, the articles that appear on their blog are great resources for every pastor, church leader, and marriage ministry.

My article there this week was called “5 Reasons Change is Hard.”  You can check it out here.  So, click on over and let me know your thoughts!  …and while you’re there, subscribe to their blog so you don’t miss an article!!

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