5 Ways to NOT Mess Up the Summer for Your Kids

It’s summertime!  Jesus take the wheel!  

On the first day of summer break one of my children had the nerve to ask me, before 8:00 am, “is there anything to do?”  

You’re kidding me right?  Is there anything to do?

Then it happened. My mother came pouring out of me…something to do?  Yeah there’s something to do!  Clean your room, sweep the floor, dust, scrub the toilets!  Mrs. Hannigan from Annie ain’t got nothin on me!

Then I came to…out of my Incredible Hulk like rage…and remembered we are going to have a fabulous summer full of fun, learning and nature!

Mind Blowing Monday: lots of reading, science and art!

No Tech Tuesday: put down those kindles and act like we have social skills!

Wet Wednesday: swimming, splash pads and water balloon wars!

Thankful Thursday: serve others and observe God’s goodness!

Friday fun day: For all the fun you can imagine!  

Yeah I got this!  In my dreams… I’d love to think this is going to happen this summer but it will probably end up more like…

Mopey Monday: where kids whine about being bored and mom hides from them in her bedroom until they’ve eaten every snack in the house.

Terrible Tuesday: just a follow up to Mopey Monday.

Worst day Wednesday: even worse than terrible Tuesday…just because.

Well you get the picture…

In the end our summer will be somewhere in between.  We will have some really great days but we’ll also have some boring and long days. My goal is for the good days to outweigh the bad.  Here are few things that I think will help:

1. Get outside! It’s free, burns off energy and it’s good for everyone’s attitude.

2. Play with friends.  Friends make everything better. Even for mom!  We last way longer at the park, pool, etc. when the kids have friends around.

3.  Set technology limits.  This is tough because it’s so easy to give the kids an iPad and walk away.  And yes, this will happen some this summer. But, I’ve noticed that my kids are so cranky after a day of technology.  This also goes for mom…it’s easy to escape into Internet lala land. But the same goes for me – I get super cranky when I waste a whole day on my phone.  

4. Daily devotions.  Our kids do devotions at school each morning and I want to continue this during the summer.  Who doesn’t need a little Jesus to keep you from hurting your kids during the summer?  We’ll be starting with the Ten Commandments.  Thou shall not kill!  

5. Let it go!  You’re singing that in your head right now aren’t you?  You’re welcome!  But seriously let it go…let the house go, let expectations go, let frustration go, let comparison go, let control go… As moms sometimes we are just too serious.  I’m a super serious mom…I want order, discipline, a clean house, neat and tidy bedrooms…  This is from one OCD mom to another – our value is not in the cleanliness of our house, how organized the drawers are or the amount of dust on the shelves.  Our value is in relationships; first Christ, second spouse, third children and fourth “neighbors”.   I could seriously write an entire post about this…but for now, make relationships count this summer.

Moms I’m taking a moment to pray for right now!  Will you pray for me too?  We can do this summer break thing and we can do it well!

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