5 Ways To Beat The Holiday Blues


One thing I preach to my children is that life is not about you; this is especially true at Christmas.  It is a time to think of others and embrace the miracle of Jesus’ birth.  

But, this year I decided it is about ME…  In the past few days I have been tired, cranky and fighting a cold – which means I have been a little short on patience.  I’ve been a bit of a Grinch to be honest.  My very wise and loving husband gently pointed out that, just maybe, if everyone around me seemed cranky and was putting a kink in my plans, perhaps just perhaps it could be me.  

Don’t worry no feelings were hurt; I am really open to direct communication…  Every now and then I need a good shake and a “woman get yourself together!”  

So after thinking about this for the day I have decided it is about me.  I am the one who is letting physical exhaustion and the every day drama of life lead me to spiritual dryness and a lack of joy during this season.  

So here are five ways beat the holiday blues:

1.  I can only control my attitude.  If the kids are sick, the budget is tight or my perfect pinterest cookies burn, I CAN control how I react to these things.  I can either pout and spend the day licking my wounds or I can remember how thankful I am for my children and all the blessings we have received over the past year.

2.  I don’t have to be Martha Stewart.  I am not very crafty and this time of year I totally envy my crafty friends who are giving awesome homemade gifts while I search for the perfect gift card.  🙂  Don’t get me wrong, gifts are great, but giving the perfect gift is not worth losing my Christmas spirit.

3.  Give more than you receive.  This is not just gifts – it can be kind words, hugs, or big smiles.  If you want to feel more joy bring more joy wherever you go.  Give the cashier a big smile and ask her how she is doing.  If she is honest she’s probably exhausted and tired of rude costumers.  You might be the bright spot of her day!

4.  Relax!  If there are gifts left un-purchased, treats un-made, cards un-written; it is okay!  Take time to drink a cup of coffee and breathe, read your kids an extra bedtime story or ask your spouse how their day was and then really listen.  A few minutes of relaxation goes a long way when you are running on empty.

5.  Spend some time with our precious Savior.  Read a few Scriptures, listen to worship music or tell Him how much you love Him after all it is HIS special day.

I am praying that we all find a little more joy, peace and love in this season.  What will you do to increase joy and decrease stress, frustration and disappointment?  Comment below and let us know!

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