4 Surprising Ways Motherhood Has Impacted My Life

I love to talk about motherhood!  It’s one of my main focuses right now and I’m always hashing something out in my mind or with friends.  

“Is this behavior normal?”  

“Have you tried this new product?”  

“Does this technique work?”

And on and on…but what it usually boils down to is us wondering if we’re doing it right and whether it should be this hard.  

I recently had our fourth child. There are a new set of questions being asked:

“Is having four hard?”

“Was it easier to go from 2 to 3 or 3 to 4?”

“Are you tired?”

“How do you get anything done?”

“Will you have more?”

I don’t mind these questions. But, sometimes, if you catch me on the wrong day, I might scare you into NEVER having kids!

Motherhood was hard with one and it’s hard with four.  Sometimes it’s just a little harder…but other days it’s four times harder. Who am I kidding?!?! Somedays, it’s a hundred times harder and I don’t think it’s really about how many kids you have – it’s just hard.  But I’m glad it’s hard!  I don’t realize this in the thick of it, but on a good day, when I can think clearly, I’m glad it’s hard and here’s why:

  • Motherhood brings me to my knees; spiritually, physically and emotionally and when I’m on my knees I’m closer to my Heavenly Father.  When things are good, I kinda put God on the “call in case of an emergency” list.  I know He’s there but I got this…for now!
  • Motherhood makes me see how much I need grace and mercy – therefore I can give it more freely.  When I’ve blown my top for the fourth time in about two minutes, I become more humble and patient.  I see and feel a desperate need for a savior.  
  • Motherhood makes me seek the tangible things of life from God.  When I can barely drag myself out of bed, I need strength that can only be found in Christ.  When my body betrays me and threatens my ability to care for my family I seek the healing power of God.
  • Motherhood challenges everything within and draws me closer to God and I’m so thankful for that!  What a beautiful gift that God gave us…I believe he knew that our passion and desire for motherhood would fulfill us yet leave us empty.  Bring us joy but also pain.  Lift our hearts but also break them.  Push us to the edge but give us a reason not to jump.  But most of all I believe he knew it would bring us to the end of ourselves where he would be waiting and we would truly see that He was all we could ever want or need.

In what ways have you been surprised by your parenting journey?  Comment below and let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

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