4 Lies We Believe About Parenting


It’s back to school time which means everything is new, fresh and full of excitement and fun!  

But, there’s also the other side…the nerves about new teachers, new schools, knowing someone in your class…it can be overwhelming for kids and parents.  My husband and I decided to switch schools for our kids this year.  It wasn’t an easy decision. But after prayer and research we went for it!  

I’d love to tell you that we rested peacefully and trusted God every step of the way…but that would be a big old fat lie!  I tossed and turned at night, prayed, talked to other parents, met with teachers and principals, cried, whined, etc.  The crying, whining and sleepless nights were exceptionally helpful…Not!  

As parents we want the best for our kids.  My kids deserve the best right?  I want them to excel in all they do, have the best opportunities and someday grow up to be perfect adults.  If I do everything right, they’ll turn out perfect.  If I pick the right school, the right teachers, the right athletic programs, the right friends, the right youth group, the right food, the right pediatrician – everything will be perfect! And then all the angels sang “Hallelujah!”  

If only that were true.  Finding the “right” thing for your child is a myth.  If we think we can find the “right” things for our children and make them perfect, then we are believing a few lies.

1. We are in control.  

Last time I checked I can’t even control my preschoolers bathroom habits…but I’m not bitter.  I have no control some things just are.

2. Children are robots that can be programmed.  

I’ve seen children raised under the exact same circumstances that turn out totally different.

3.  Our kids shouldn’t struggle.  

Last time I checked no one is exempt and there’s beauty in the struggle.  Our children find strength, confidence and faith in the struggle.  The struggle shapes and molds their character.

4.  We are our children’s God.  

Ouch!  What makes me think that I can out do the God of the universe when it comes to having a plan for my children’s lives?  He created them!

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Psalm 139:13 NIV

So all this is NOT to say let them run around like wild monkeys and not even go to school.  It’s to say: rest mama, lay at the feet of your Savior and trust His plan for your little one or not-so-little one.  They have a need for a Savior just as much as you and me and it’s not my job to fill that void.

And by the way this post should be titled “Preaching To Myself”….sigh….

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