3 Reasons Moms Should Go For It

Mother With Baby Working In Office At Home

I recently had a young lady say to me “You used to work?”  

I said,  “Yes I was not born the mother to three almost four children pushing a stroller, changing diapers, blowing noses, and wiping bottoms. I used to get dressed, wear make-up, go to meetings, get a paycheck and go out for nice lunches.”  


This girl was totally innocent. She had only known me and my “mom identity” for the last few years.  

It really got me thinking though, “Am I more than a mom?”  

Let me stop right there before someone says being a mom is enough and you don’t need to be a more.  I agree motherhood is an awesome and amazing experience. But, I also know it is a season.  It can be a long, hard, joyful, fulfilling season…  

I just wonder sometimes, “Am I using this season as an excuse to shy away from other callings and goals I have?”

Recently, I led a group of women who were planning a conference and can I tell you it was AMAZING!  I had been shying away from leading. Saying things like “I am too busy.” “I don’t have childcare.” “My kids need me.” “My husband needs me.”

And, yes, all those things are true. But, there was a little voice saying “You need this.”  So I did it!  I had been on the sidelines too long and I needed a challenge.  I was bored, restless, and yearning for “more.”  God gave me more than I could have ever imagined through this experience.

So here are a few reasons that moms need to go for it when that little voice challenges them to do something outside of their comfort zone.  Whether that is going on a missions trip, running a marathon, serving at church, starting a business, etc.:

1. Don’t bury your treasures.  If God made you a great writer, you don’t have to put that on hold until you are done mothering.  You can intertwine your talents into your daily life.  Write for a newsletter that you love, start a blog, journal for your children.  If you are an artist draw murals on your kids walls or volunteer to teach an art class.  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing – do something!

2.  Beat boredom.  As moms, we are hardly ever bored in the traditional sense. There is always a chore to do or a child to play with. But I am talking about that little feeling of “ho-hum” that we all face when we think of another day of laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.  I have found that I get more done and am more full of energy when I know I have something to do that I am really looking forward to.  If I have a meeting at night, I breeze through the laundry, prep the dinner, get the kids bathed because I know something else is coming.

3.  Be an example for your children.  I want my children to see me pursuing my passions and serving God with a full heart.  I went to India for a missions trip when my children were 2, 4, and 5; I was gone 12 days.  Was it hard to work out the logistics?  You bet!  Am I very blessed to have a husband, family and friends that supported me?  Yes!  It was life changing and my kids were able to see mommy follow a passion and they still talk about India or light up when they hear anything about India.  

Friend, pray about your passions.  Pray about what God is calling you to do for His kingdom today.  He has a purpose for you and if you are feeling bored, restless, hopeless, and/or out of touch, take a moment and search your heart.  He just may be saying “You can do this! It’s ok to step away from being a mommy for a few moments today and pursue your passion.”

What is it that you need to “go for” today?  What is God calling you to do in the midst of your motherhood?  Comment below and let’s encourage each other…

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