10 Things We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving


It’s quite cliche, but Thanksgiving is the one time of year that we are supposed to find reasons to be thankful.  It seems odd that out of 365 days in a year – there is only one that is overtly dedicated to thankfulness.  But, in a way, it makes sense.  The busyness of life often distracts us from pausing and reflecting on the many things that we should be thankful for.  So I guess that I should be glad that we have a day that asks us to slow down, think back, and give thanks for the moments that bring us joy, teach us something, and/or bless us in some way.

In our family, we are trying to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness as often as we can.  It all started for us when Consuela’s MOPS group did a craft that was a dry erase picture frame with a piece of paper that simply says “I am thankful for…”  That’s it.  Then it leaves plenty of space for us to write, on a regular basis, what we’re thankful for.  You can see my 3 kids holding the picture frame above.  My kids will often give answers like: mommy, daddy, Jesus, church, school, family, etc.

Today, we wanted to give you 10 things that we’re thankful for this thanksgiving:


  1. Forgiveness
  2. Second Chances
  3. The Love of My Wife
  4. Time With My Kiddos
  5. Memories of Those Who Are No Longer With Us


  1. My Husband’s Heart To Serve Our Family
  2. My Children Including The One Coming In March 2015
  3. The Hardships I’ve Faced And What I’ve Learned From Them
  4. God’s Grace That I’m Learning To Receive and Give More Freely
  5. My Sister Who Is My Best Friend And The Person That Makes Me Laugh More Than Anyone Else

Of course we are thankful for YOU, our faithful readers too!  But, we want to hear from you.  Comment below and let us know who and what you’re thankful for this year. Also, if you’re thankful for this blog, will you consider sharing it with those you love?  We would appreciate it!

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